Longevity in business can only be achieved by recognizing trends and adapting your business to capitalize on these changes. In 2005 a trend began on Long Island that had not been part of the window and door industry since the 1970’s. Contemporary window and door design was once again gaining momentum. No longer did the new generation of homeowners want to build the “McMansions” that mom and dad were living in. The California Contemporary influence came to the east coast. Sleek sharp lines in architecture with fixed glass panels and large sliding doors highlighted the design. Our job was to find the best quality windows and doors that define the contemporary California market.

To meet the growing contemporary window and door market, North Shore secured an exclusive arrangement to represent the Fleetwood window and door product line. Today, we are recognized as the “go to” source for Fleetwood contemporary windows and doors on the east coast. We were selected by Fleetwood to represent their window and door products because of the “full service” dealer features that North Shore offers and because of the remarkable reputation we have developed over the years.

Recently, North Shore partnered with Sky-Frame, the world’s leading developer of sliding window systems, crafts elegant custom solutions for open, frameless windows. The company provides sliding windows that offer unobstructed vistas, using one of three systems: Classic, Arc, or Slope.

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