When it comes to different projectswe have to take into consideration what the clients are looking for. For this project the client wanted a steel look with the lowest maintenance possible. We chose the MQ UPVC system with a black foil to highlight the windows against the cedar siding. The large tilt-n-turn windows allow for ventilation in Spring and Fall without having the large sash opened in the wind to the exterior, or taking up room in a hallway or living space. With the tilt-n-turn feature you can simply open up the sash to the interior and comfortably clean the glass from inside your home. By simply washing the exterior with water, the UPVC will hold up for years on end and the units always look like they are brand new.



Why Steel Windows and Doors


In the building industry we see different types of materials used to form windows and doors, but now the go to material of choice is steel.

If you pick up any contemporary style magazine you can see that clean, sleek lines have now become the standard within the industry.  Not only is it clean and sleek looking, in comparison to other building materials steel is by far the strongest. It is 3 times stronger than aluminum, which allows for windows to hold a far greater load, meaning thicker insulated glass allowing for an even better insulation overall. No matter the application, steel windows are always an option. The design versatility of steel enables its use in both traditional and contemporary building design. From private homes to commercial buildings, you can see steel being used across the grid.

Unlike its counterparts steel has an extremely long life cycle. In fact, in some cases steel windows have lasted over 3 generations, typically having to be replaced only due to the failure of glass, gaskets, or the opening itself. A zinc coated steel product will be completely protected by elements such as rust for as long as 50 years!

Steel is a great return on investment for the reasons listed above. These are some of the reasons why steel is being implemented more frequently in building applications. If you want a product that is strong, durable, and clean, look no further than steel windows or doors at North Shore Window & Door.

Flush Track Lift and Slide Doors



This project located in Sands Point, NY uses Weiland Flush Track Lift and Slide Doors at numerous locations to create a seamless transition to the outdoors.  The pool coping was used as the threshold for the thirty foot clear opening pocket doors giving it a magnificent look and feel. The Weiland doors in the Kitchen, Bedrooms, and Wine Cellar were paired with Loewen windows to complete the package. Stuart Narofsky, the architect, did a brilliant job turning this empty nest, city dwellers dream into a masterpiece for their first suburban home. They requested an open plan for the main living spaces, a master suite on the main floor, with family guest suites on the second floor. Other amenities include indoor pool and spa facilities, media room, home office, and a wine cellar/tasting room. Another goal was to use as much of the existing cellar and foundations that were salvaged, as possible. The plans from the architect with the accent touches from North Shore Window and Door has made this project a realistic dream for this homeowner.

Operable Shutter and Custom Garage Doors

This project in Water Mill, NY  is a large fixed unit with operable shutter fabricated by Select Door. Select also made the custom garage doors for this project.

Centor Integrated Door Project


Centor Integrated Door Project in East Hampton NY. This project features Bi-fold Doors with a screen/shade combo included all in one frame!