North Shore Window & Door proudly sells and installs Centor Integrated Doors.

Centor Integrated Doors

For decades, Centor has forged a reputation for designing and manufacturing the industry’s leading window and door systems. In 1998, Centor designed and patented hardware for the modern folding door that allows them to be used for exterior openings. These folding doors allowed architects to design homes which could connect people to the world outside. Centor introduced this technology first to Australia, and then partnered with architects in Europe and North America where Centor is the leading component supplier today.

Following the success of its folding door technology, Centor delivered another world-first, a retractable insect screen that could be used on large door openings with finger tip operation.

In 2010, Centor was introduced to Design Led Innovation and invested into designing and delivering the world’s first Integrated Doors. Three years later Centor delivered othis vision, launching the doors in the US and UK to international acclaim.

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Centor Integrated Doors

Unique Product Features:

Autolatch™ The self-latching magnetic Autolatch™ allows you to close and lock door panels with a single hand movement.

Concealed hinge: The world’s first fully concealed hinges remove visual distractions from the interior of Integrated Folding Doors.

Screens and shades: Integrated insect screens and shades are available exclusively with Centor Integrated Doors and come in a variety of patterns and configurations.

Access handle: Select a handle from our range of styles; Kiel and Stuttgart. Each is available in a Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.

Centor Products:

  • XO Sliding Door
  • XOX Sliding Door
  • Folding Door
  • Cornerless Folding Door
  • Double-swing Door
  • Single Door