Centor Integrated Doors bring brings together stunning design and fingertip performance with doors that are beautiful from the inside out.

Centor Doors feature slim, symmetrical panels with the hardware hidden from view. Centor removed all the visual distractions so nothing stands in the way of your view. In addition, integrated screens and shades are free of pleats, joins or folds for the simplest, clear opening.

On the inside, Centor’s patent-pending hardware makes doors easy-to- use. The groundbreaking AutoLatch™ is exclusive to Centor Doors with folding and double-swing doors let you close and latch even the tallest doors with a single hand movement.

The child-friendly screens and shades operate efficiently from any height. All you need is a fingertip to slide the screen open and enjoy the breeze. They stay open in any position, allowing easy transitions from inside to outside entertaining while carrying a tray of drinks.