North Shore Window & Door proudly sells and installs MQ Windows.

Advantages of MQ ‘Mistral’ Mahogany Windows and Doors:

  • 5 Year Guarantee on all MQ products against defects in workmanship, materials and glazing
  • Manufacturing custom windows & doors since 1975 in Canada
  • Clients, Architects and Contractors deal directly with the manufacturer
  • Over 100 Single Family Residential Projects within a 150 mile radius of New York City
  • Full-Time Service and Installation Crews in NY – NJ – CT and Long Island areas

MQ Wood WindowsMQ remains committed to ensuring all of their end-users receive the greatest value for their investment. To achieve this objective, we strongly recommend utilizing MQ’s factory prefinishing on Mistral mahogany windows and doors. Most clients do not consider the cost of annual maintenance or refinishing at the time of the purchase of their windows and doors. In our experience, such an expense will result in significant additional costs during the first five years after construction of your residence.

MThe requirements for maintenance after five years have been greatly reduced by our proprietary UV curing process. MQ Mistral pre-finishing, with over 150 microns of stain applied on all six sides before assemblage, is your assurance of longer lasting windows and doors.

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North Shore proudly sell, service and installs MQ windows and doors.

Product Features:

  • Single-Part Manufacturing, a FIRST in North America. 
  • Flush sash is standard for Mistral Series to enhance narrow stile & rail appearance. 
  • 2 5/8″ thick windows & doors for added strength as compared to 1 3/4″ to 2 1/4″ thickness of competitors hinges, no plastic hinge covers. 
  • Multiple Lever hardware options in numerous finishes. 
  • Dade County, Florida approved products are thicker, stronger, & constantly tested for standards. 
  • Windows are made exactly the same as Doors for consistency throughout the residential facade. 
  • All products are treated with a wood preservative whether or not pre-finishing option is selected. 
  • Pre-finishing with our UV Curing process means a homogenic, furniture quality “piano finish”. 
  • Patented ‘Umbrella’ factory pre-finishing with the availability of a 2-year guarantee. 
  • Custom Mahogany ‘Mistral’ windows & doors. 
  • Maintenance-free UPVC windows & doors. 
  • Single- and Double-Hung windows come with insect screens. 
  • European style Tilt-turn windows. 
  • French Casement inswing and outswing windows. 
  • NYS Impact-Energy approved mahogany windows & doors.