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MQ Windows are available at North Shore Window and DoorIt’s true that Kolbe offers options. Many of these are aesthetic options which will help express your style and create your dream home. Choose decorative glass, performance divided lites, all-wood or all-vinyl construction, or aluminum cladding to the exterior of wood products. These are only a few of the nearly unlimited options available. But, don’t let these aesthetic options fool you — Kolbe is also about quality, function, performance and energy efficiency.

Kolbe Windos & Doors meet Energy and Performance Requirements

Energy StarWhen glazed with H°K insulating glass, most of our products meet or exceed ENERGY STAR ® guidelines for energy efficiency for all U.S. climate zones.

MQ Windows are Energy Star RatedEnergy Savings = Cost $avings
Besides reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on energy bills, choosing ENERGY STAR certified products in the U.S. may qualify you for a federal tax credit. More money, less energy consumption… and beautiful doors and windows. What more could you ask?

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Federal Tax Credit

Residential, Commercial, Historic, Renovation
Kolbe has experience in many building realms… from new home construction to historic renovation… from DIY replacement products to vast commercial projects involving new construction and/or historic replication. We’ve customized products for ADA compliance needed for accessible design. Plus, Kolbe has been chosen for several projects, and more.

Green Building

Kolbe Ultra Series products are ‘Green Built’ for their aesthetic match and their energy efficiency track record.
Kolbe’s energy-efficient windows and doors also incorporate sustainable and recycled materials, and sensible approaches to energy management.