MHB offers the smallest window profile in the world.

MHB-Classic-ISOMHB has been producing steel doors and windows since 1938. MHB is committed to innovation, their products can now be found all over the world.

Their mission is simple: “More light”.

More light is a symbol for social responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship.

MHB developed two very slim profile systems:

MHB-ISOThe SL30-ISO profile system for windows, doors and facades.
Steel thermally insulated profiles with a sightline of 30mm, providing superior performance against the wind and watertightness.

The Classic ISO profile system.
These thermally insulated steel profiles have the same dimensions as the historical classic steel profiles. Like the SL30-ISO with thermal insulation and a excellent wind and water tightness.

MHB also developed fire-resistant doors and partitions based on the SL30-profile. Sight-lines are not wider than 30 mm and are are resistance up to 116 minutes according to the European fire resistance standard EN1634-1.

MHB Multi-folding Doors

MHB-Multi-Folding-DoorMHB Multi-folding doors are THE perfect solution to open your interior to the outdoor creating an external extension of your living or working space!

The MHB door features a top-rolling steel beared-track which carries the weight of the panels allowing for smooth operation and run.

The secure locking systems and the railing at the bottom ensure correct alignment of the panels to keep dust, rain and cold air outside.

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Product Features:

SL30-ISO is the most recent innovation done by MHB. It’s a patented high-quality steel profile system with a sightline of 30 mm, including thermal separation and hidden water drainage.

• wind- and water-resistance till 600 Pa (tested by notified body)
• single- and double wings
• corrosion prevention by a standard 3-layer powder coating
• burglar proof Class 2, EN 5096

New! SL30-ISO-PLUS®: insulation value which is extremely high!
U-window = 0,82 W/m²K (0,7 W/m²K in development)