North Shore Window & Door proudly sells and installs Weiland windows and doors.

Weiland Doors from North Shore Window & DoorWeiland has earned the reputation for integrity, quality, and attention to detail since 1984. Weiland’s windows and doors are tailored to the exact specifications of discerning architects, builders, and designers. They have been creating innovative and precision-crafted European windows and doors ever since. Today Weiland continues to push the boundaries of functionality and design.

Weiland windows and sliding doors feature huge openings, seamless transitions, & outstanding performance. Discover stunning ways to connect the indoors to the outside with our custom-built sliding doors and windows. Creative freedom is in your hands.

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North Shore proudly sells, services and installs Weiland windows

Product Lines:

Liftslides are large sliding glass walls that can be built in straight, corner, or curved configurations.

Folding Doors:
Folding doors maximize the size of an opening. Weiland builds standard bifold and Beefy Bifold door systems.

Pivot Doors:
Weiland pivot doors can be used in a variety of ways and are often seen in dramatic entrances.

Swinging Doors:
Weiland swinging doors and French doors compliment nearby liftslide or folding doors.

Weiland windows are designed to complete your door and window package.